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“…Chela’s serves without a doubt the greatest Mexican food in the greater Ann Arbor area and quite possibly the entire country. Is that hyperbole? Not to the legions of devoted followers that pack the restaurant seven days a week. You can’t get a better meal for under ten dollars unless you make it yourself, and even then it’s not likely. Chela’s seems to effortlessly pull off that perfect local establishment atmosphere of familiarity and comfort that makes it impossible to not want to return again and again.

There are people out there who hold in their hearts a great love of Chipotle and other places like it. But Chipotle is to Chela’s what McDonalds is to Knight’s Steakhouse. Where else but Chela’s will you find employees who know your name after only a few visits? Where else but Chela’s can  you get three tacos for less than the price of a movie ticket? Where else but Chela’s can you go for a meal that is that fast, that easy, and still that good? The answer? Nowhere.

There is only one Chela’s. If you’ve never been, you’re missing out on what has become the go-to staple for Mexican food in the area. Jump on the bandwagon and get to Chela’s as soon as is physically possible. You won’t be disappointed.”

– Ian Harris, Daily Arts Writer

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Almost 11 Years in Business

After 25 years working for the City of Ann Arbor as a inspector and architectural engineer, Adrian Iraola and his wife Lori opened Chela's Restaurant and Taqueria. Currently there are two Chela's locations, one in Ann Arbor and one in Dexter, which serves visitors from all over the country and employs many local residents.

Family Ties

In Mexico City, Adrian's great-grandmother catered weddings that often lasted a week or two. His grandparents met while they both worked for her! Additionally, his father owned parking lots where he used to put small stands to sell tacos and tortas. Opening a taqueria in Ann Arbor brings his family's cuisine to the area.

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